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“Coming together
is a beginning; keeping together
is progress;
working together
is success.”

Henry Ford

Marriages are
made in
on Earth.

John Lyly

Marriage is
not about age;
it's about
right person.

Sophia Bush

Don't marry the
person you think
you can live with;
marry only the
individual you think
you can't live without.

James Dobson

Matrimonial Forum : Charmakar Samaj

This is not a Matrimonial website, but a social forum desiring to facilitate members of Charmakar Samaj to find out suitable matrimonial alliances from within the community. 

Matrimonial issue occupies top priority in our social activity because parents always make hard efforts to get the 'best bride' or the 'best bridegroom' for their wards.

Such spirited search for 'the best' is an appreciable thing, but search should remain merit based and not greed driven. Similarly, emphasis should be more on ascertaining good 'character, ability, capability, potential, career prospects' etc, than getting lured to the 'beauty', 'personality', 'package +' or 'kundali'.

Salient features of the Matrimonial Forum :-  

Free Registration of Matrimonial Profile for 6 months, after basic Scrutiny. Open to all Graduate and above educated and unmarried / single  members.

Send us profile details* of the Prospective Bride or Bridegroom for registration / enlistment in due format.

Gist of the Profiles will be displayed on this website.
Select your suitable match from displayed list of profiles and send us a request  to get further additional info.
Registration Renewal is must after every 3 months.
After 6 months, nominal fee will be charged to bear office expenses.
Cross-check Profile details before finalizing the proposal.
Our scrutiny is elementary, yours' should be maximum & foolproof.
Bring to our notice, any false or incorrect info or instance
Beware of cheats and abusers; their detection is a social duty.
Promote community's existing Vivah Mandals at local levels
* See Profile Registration Format
Knowledgeable community members are requested to send their input or views, suggestions and tips. Take voluntary initiative...

 Charmakar Samaj


Keep your eyes
wide open
before marriage,
half shut

Benjamin Franklin

Well married
a person has
poorly married

Henry Ward Beecher

An ideal wife
is any woman
who has an
ideal husband.

Booth Tarkington

The difficulty with marriage
is that
we fall in love with
a personality,
but must live with
a character.

Peter De Vries


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