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  This forum is set up to facilitate the Charmakar Samaj to seek matrimonial alliances from the community members. It is free and open to all Charmakars. Minimum graduation level is expected and having rational and progressive outlook is desirable.   

 Brides and Bridegrooms are required to send us their brief personal details like :-
(a) full name (b) age-height-complexion-builtup- specs (c) education (d) occupation, position held  and monthly income (e) complete residence address (present and permanent), valid contact number, genuine email address (f) self and family profile (brief)  (g) present marital status and expectations about would be spouse and (h) name and contact number of local Charmakar's Vivah Mandal where you have enrolled (i) Provide weblink to your Profile Page if you have registered  with any Matrimonial Website like Bharat Matrimony, Jeevan Sathi (j) email for contact.

 Please write us your specific & needbased query and share useful info, suggestion !

Charmakar Samaj

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